Assignment Details

On this page, you can find more information about the data projects and the midterm and final exams.

Data Projects (3 x 10%)

Four of the data project assignments this term will be submitted for grading. I’ll take your best 3 for 10% each of your final grade. Data assignments as well as review and skills-building exercises are posted on this site (see the sidebar) and on eClass.

The first data assignment, due 11:59pm January 28th, is posted here. Solutions are posted here.

The solution to the first data assignment is posted here.

The second data assignment, due 11:59pm March 8th, is posted here.

The solution to the second data assignment is posted here.

The third data assignment, due 11:59pm March 29th, is posted here.

The solution to the third data assignment is posted here.

The final data assignment, Chart Week!, due 11:59pm April 5th, is posted here.

Midterm Exam (25%)

The midterm exam will be written during class time on February 14th, on eClass. You will have access to your class materials for the midterm exam, but you must write the exam in our classroom or arrange with me in advance (those with pre-arranged accommodations are covered separately).

Having access to your materials means I’ll put you under more time pressure than I otherwise would, but I really think it’s the only fair way for me to test you given how I’ve taught you the course so far.

I will check everyone’s IDs in class and ensure that you’ve started the quiz on your machine. I, perhaps along with a TA, will be in the exam room both to answer your questions and to ensure that you are not communicating externally. You are not to use phones, headsets, or any other communication tool during the exam although you may access course materials on eClass or via my website.

You will have sample questions and access to a previous term’s midterm exam.

The exam is not fail-safe, i.e. I won’t re-weight your midterm grade if you do better on the final exam.

A virtual / asynchronous review of the exam will be available eClass.

Final Exam (45%)

The final exam date for this class is tentatively scheduled for April 22, 2024 (Monday) at 2pm. The final exam will be cumulative and concept-focused, but will include some analysis. One or more practice exams will be provided in advance. The format is similar to the midterm.